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Liveblog of the Andrea Metcalf Naked Fitness Event!

Hey everyone- am typing this on my cellphone – hope to be online on my mac soon! Having technical difficulties!

7:05pm: The event is about to get underway!

7:07pm We are live!

7:07pm:Andrea Metcalf just arrived on the scene! She is talking ALL about Naked Fitness and how YOU can get fit! Andrea’s book, Naked Fitness is coming out in December!

7:11pm: Watch the live stream now:

7:13pm: Audience members are picking out healthy groceries from a table to find the healthiest meal! Follow the conversation at #FitNF on Twitter!

7:16pm: Lot of events are going on in Chicagoland this week to kick off the Naked Fitness Revolution! Check out all the events at:

7:21pm: Andrea is working on her world famous Tortilla Soup! I have made it and it is easy, quick  and delicious! The tortillas disappear into the soup- it is really cool and so tasty! Lots of amazing seasonings that really keep it so flavorful!

7:26pm: Andrea is reminding us to do small things to keep us healthy- like stand on one leg while brushing our teeth. It really does take just a few small steps to make big health gains….

7:298am Scott Herman, a You Tube sensation, is currently doing pushups. He is a cutie-pattotie!!

7:32pm: What is the ladies put together for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Andrea will judge how they did):

Smoothie for 2:

  • Greek yogurt
  • 2 Oranges
  • apple
  • banana
  • water


  • Salad
  • spinach
  • chips
  • apple juice
  • tomato
  • tuna


  • eggs
  • broccoli
  • beans
  • turkey
  • salsa

27 is total score from Andrea on the items the ladies grabbed! Good job ladies!

7:39pm: Another 2 ladies are raiding the shelves to find the healthiest meal. Meanwhile, Andrea is working on another recipe- this time a turkey hummus, avocado wrap. Easy peasey and so tasty!!

7:44pm: the next group of women are stocking up the fridge


  • Egg white scramble
  • tomato
  • brocoli
  • corn
  • Milk


  • tuna salad make with greek yogurt
  • fruit sald greek
  • Chocolate milk


  • ham
  • apple
  • turkey salad

The team got a 10! Good job picking out healthy choices!

7:53pm: Tried the Tortilla Soup and the Turkey Avocado wrap– SO YUMMY!!! You are gonna have to get this book so you can get the recipes!

7:55pm: “Just walking 1 hour a day is so helpful. It is 1 percent of your week. 2 hours is just 2% of your week.” Andrea Metcalf

7:57pm: Ryan Hutmacher is the name of the wonderful chef helping Andrea Metcalf cook up all those wonderful recipes!

8:05pm: Need to stock up your pantry with good to eat foods. Anything without a label is good for you. You need 25 to 35 grams of fiber, gals need 85 gams of protein, guys need 100 grams of protein a day, and people need lots of fruits and veggies a day to stay healthy!

8:02pm: Honey is probiotic- I had no idea!! :) So cool to learn all this great information.

8:09pm: Not sure if anyone is tuning in, but I am having a great time- Wish you were here! :)

8:12pm: A few videos are playing here in the Kenmore Now! Live Studio– are you watching online? Ah, it is a video with one of the hosts from 190North!

8:15pm: The event may be winding up… checking to see now….

8:6pm: Its over! What a great event! thanks Andrea Metcalf!!

Naked Fitness New Year Challenge Videos are up!

Some of you already know I auditioned and was one of 36 people (out of over 200) chosen for a 21 day weight lose challenge program here in Chicago called the Naked Fitness New Year Challenge (PS: Before any of you ask me, “Naked” is just in the name, we don’t workout naked or anything. Number one question I get asked. )

Below is a link to the video from the “reveal” of the winner from Tuesday night on NBC-5 Chicago. While I was NOT the overall winner, I did lose 14lbs and 4 inches off my waist in 21 days. :-) The link below will also give you an idea of what we ate (lots of protein, veggies) and did (walk 2 hours a day) to lose the weight. I had a great time and met a lot of great people. We will continue the program through out the year and be followed by NBC here in Chicago.

Here’s the News video from the other night– scroll down the page, and look for the deceptive picture of the trainer (also an Andrea) in a yellow top with a medicine ball in the middle of the words. Click on that picture, and watch the progression pictures and interview video. The segment is about 2 minutes long and I am toward the middle and end. I make a few appearances. I am the person who says “4 inches off my waist”. The other video on the page is the live portion of the night. I am in the back center in the live video. Enjoy!

AJ Finally gives an update!

The past couple of weeks have been extra special busy. First a few bullets to get some quick things out of the way:

  • More on the New Year Challenge below, but I wanted to say that I haven’t weighed-in since before the super bowl, and won’t for a few more weeks due to a little glitch (the scale was in LA). I had a rough week eating-wise, but am keeping up with my workouts.
  • If you read my tweets, you may have noticed I spent a Sunday morning not too long ago waiting in line to buy a Cricut for cheap at BigLots. Well, I got one of the 5 that were in stock and I LOVE IT! I can see more scrapbooking in my near future :-)
  • Cross your fingers that I get an interview this week at a place I applied to a few weeks ago. I have already made it through the phone interview and hope to hear back soon.
  • I am doing a market research thingy on cat food tomorrow — so excited to have a little extra “go” money. What shall I spend it on? New workout clothes? Sketchers shoes? Cricut supplies?? :-)
  • I have been having a bit of trouble sleeping the past few nights– I think the cats are keeping me awake. I need to shoo them out of my room tonight and see if that helps. I need to get a good night’s rest!

OK– here go the long-ish updates–

Naked Fitness New Year Challenge: While my eating has not been the best this week (Valentine’s Weekend was a disaster!! Fries! Fried Pork Tenderloin!! Candy bars!!! (yes BARS; PLURAL), I stopped myself on Monday and restarted. Wait– Actually, I started over search day eating a healthy breakfast but ended each day of my 2 day crap-binge with, well, CRAP. On Monday I seemed to get my healthy-head back on, and really stayed within my calorie goals for each day.

I was proud that I got 2 hours of walking in each day (except 1 or 2– those days I walked 1 hour). I made the realization that every day was not going to be “perfect” because





Some days I am going to slip up a bit, and that is OK. I can start again at the next snack or meal. I had to realize I was tired and not planning properly so I was not getting my meals at the right time, so I was starving and grabbing whatever I could find (ie: fast food) and shoving it in my mouth. I need to slow down, plan my meals and eat what makes my body “run” the best is can.

I made up 4 shredded chicken breasts in the crockpot tonight so I can add it to my meals over the next few days. I just added the chicken to a can of low sodium chicken broth in my crockpot this morning and by about 6 pm, the chicken was so done it just shredded in my hands. Look at me preparing my meals ahead of time!! lol

I forgot to drink the supplement drink, Elations, that the trainer had asked us to use during the initial 21 days (mostly because I ran out of the bottles). My knee really started giving me problems as I was walking– the joint was really sore and uncomfortable. After being back on the Elations for 3 days, the discomfort was GONE! I really believe in this great little product! Glad Andrea asked us to try it! ;-) (NOTE: I received free product from the trainer as part of the 21 day fitness program, but have run out of the free product and am now purchasing it for myself.)

I spend an hour or so at NBC 5 here in Chicago taping a segment that will be shown March 2nd on the 10pm news to highlight the work we did over the 21 days of the initial program. If you are in Chicago, please check it out.If not, I will try to post it from their website the night it airs. Andrea (the trainer) told us today that NBC 5 will be following us throughout the year to see how we do on the plan. I am HAPPY I will have the follow as I need something to keep me honest!

Within the next few days (hopefully Wednesday) I will post the whole menu, and guidelines to follow if you would like to try this new way of eating/working out. Well, I guess it is not a new way of eating, per se, but a healthy way of eating. I have a very full day tomorrow, so give me a day or so. ;-)

Fitbloggin 10– I can’t believe Fitbloggin is just around the corner. Amerrylife is my roommate and I can’t wait to hear all about her trip to New Zealand to see her love in person. ;-)   I think I may have secured a sponsor (or 2) just this afternoon. More information as soon as I can share. I am SO EXCITED and want to share but want to make sure everything is firm before I do!! ;-) I know you understand.

Speaking of this (awesome) guy, if you have any spare change, and you believe in true love, PLEASE go to this post, read, and donate what you can. Their story is SO SWEET. Thanks in advance!

I leave you with a yummy recipe- Enjoy!

Chili-Lime Pork Chops

4 servings

1 teaspoon chili powder

1/2 teaspoon garlic salt (I used garlic powder)

1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper (cayenne)

1 tablespoon line juice

1 teaspoon canola oil

4 boneless pork loin chops 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick (1lb)

If desired: Chopped fresh cilantro; lime wedges

1. Pre-heat grill

2. meanwhile, in small bowl, mix all seasoning ingredients. Brush mixture evenly on both sides of each chop.

3. When grill is heated, place pork on grill surface. Close grill, cook 5-7 min or until pork is no longer pink in center (AP note: I turned mine once 1/2 through cooking to get good grill lines). Sprinkle pork with cilantro and serve with lime wedges.

1 serving: 190 Cal, Fat 10g, Sodium 170g (maybe less with sub garlic powder).

Taken from Pilsbury Fast and Healthy Cookbook.

Naked Fitness New Year Challenge- Final Totals and thoughts on the program

Well- the Naked Fitness, New Year Challenge is over. We find out the top three losers today (I don’t think I am one of them).

Below are my final stats:

  • Auditioned on January 9th for Naked Fitness
  • First (real) Weigh-in on January 16th – Gained 2lbs since audition (ouch-but I was eating everything in sight)
  • Second Weigh-in Jan 23- Lost 8lbs!
  • Third Weigh-in Jan 30- Lost 4lbs!
  • Fourth and final Weigh-in February 6th – lost 2lbs!

Total Weight-loss: 14lbs since January 16th

Inches lost- 4inches lost in my waist!

Here are my thoughts in bullet form:

  • Eating 9-11 servings of fruits and veggies, getting 80-100 grams of protein in and working out/walking 2 hours a day can be difficult – but not impossible.
  • I can treat my body with the respect it deserves AND have fun with my friends at the same time.
  • DIET SODA IS EVIL. I have been off diet soda (almost completely) since January 16th. I had about 6 sips on superbowl Sunday and about 4 sips last night. I just don’t want it or even have a taste for it anymore. I think I do, but when I try it, it just tastes bad.
  • Sleep is very much needed to keep my body moving.
  • The iPhone app “lose it” has been my savior. Entering everything I eat and my exercise keeps me on track for the day.
  • 4 inches off my waist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I FEEL better. My body seems more in tune with itself. I still have more weight to lose, but this was an awesome start.

Here are the basics of the Naked fitness plan (from Andrea Metcalf):

• Eat 9-11 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
• Eat color and variety as often as possible
• Monitor and eat 25 grams of fiber daily including at least 5 grams of whole
grains meaning that 5 grams of your fiber intake is not from fruits or veggies.
• Eat 80-100 grams of protein.
• Drink water over any other beverage with every meal.
• Get at least 7 hours of sleep every day (making up hours on weekends if you
cannot sleep at least 7 hours weekdays)
• Find your breath and count five slow deep breaths every morning, lunch,
dinner and before every meal.
• Limit processed foods and be conscious of your choices each time you fuel
your precious engine.
• Drink your Elations
• eat at least 4-5 meals/snacks a day
• a meal has both protein and carbs and under 450 calories
• a snack has both protein and carbs and under 250

D Day is Tomorrow

Just checking in to say that tomorrow is my 3rd weigh-in forcthe Naked Fitness New You Challenge. I was only able to walk 3 days out of 7 due to my back/hip pain, so I have no idea how the scale is going to treat me. No matter what the scale says, I really want to check my waist measurement this week. By my (bad) calculations, I think I am down 3 1/2 inches. I have not had my waist measurment taken since the audition. We shall see. I will post lbs down to Twitter at about 12:30 tomorrow then post here as soon as possible.

Here’s to a good last chance workout tonight and a lower scale (and waist number) tomorrow!!

Another Update: Naked Fitness New Year Challenge

I was down another 4lbs on Saturday…. for a total of

12lbs down!!!!

That’s the good great news.

The bad news is that walking up to 2 hours a day REALLLLLLY aggravates my lower back/bad hip and I was in tremendous pain. On Saturday I was only able to stay for about 30 minutes (as I has a suburban baby shower to race to) at the weigh-in, but the trainer assessed my hip/lower back and gave me a slew of new stretches to do to help shore up my core and to really strengthen my hamstrings and hip. I was also told NO FITNESS WALKING until I was free of pain for atleast 24 hours. I was allowed pilates and Yoga.

At first I was horrified. How in the H-E-L-L am I gonna keep up my weight loss goals? I swear the 2 hours a day of walking was really helping.

But then I realized– I am doing this for the LONG HAUL, not just to win a treadmill. I need to be healthy and strong.

So since Saturday night, I have been doing about an hour of yoga/pilates and 20-30 minutes of stretching each night. I have been eating 1200 calories. I have been sticking to our guidlines*.


And as of today at 7pm, I had been pain-free for 26hours so I walked on the treadmill for an hour. I feel great.

I still think this weeks weight loss will be low for the week. Monday and Tuesday were “bad” sleep nights for me, and I spent most of the day in bed both days. My head has been stuff, my body achy and my sinuses have felt clogged. I have been feeling “off” lately, and I have heard from other migraine sufferers here in Chicago that they are gearing up for the storm we are supposed to be having this week. I think that is one reason I have been feeling so run down. Also, Aunt Flo came to visit today and we all know how bloated “she” can make any lady feel**.

Other than that, I am just hanging in there. Sunday is going to be a HUGE test, as I am going to the mother of all Super Bowl parties. I am telling you it will be filled with miles and miles of amazingly bad for you food. How do you cope at a Super Bowl party??

*This week we weren’t given a “menu” we were given guidelines to help us eat (and live) healthfully. For example, we are to eat 80-100 grams of protein a day, along with 25 grams of fiber, 5 of which come from whole sorses other than fruits and veggies. We are to get 7 hours of sleep each night, and take 5 deep breaths before we eat a meals. Meals are to be less than 450 calories and include carb and a protein, and snacks are to be under 250 calories and also include a carb and a protein.

**I have been craving salt like a fiend all week. I am sure if is because of Aunt Flo. Thank goodness salt is not restricted on the plan, but I restrict it for myself. If I am bloated at weigh-in, it is aunt flo and the 200lbs of salt I have ingested this week.

AJ Shares an Update- New Year Challenge

Well, it has been a tough week.

I have stayed on plan eating and exercise wise (2 hours of walking a day baby!) even though the darn TV has been tempting me with Wendy’s spicy nuggets and cold Diet Coke.

I even went to a pizza party last night. AND stayed on plan.

I emailed AM (the trainer) and asked what I could eat since I did not want to be the odd duck in the corner eating my 6oz skinless boneless chicken breast and 1/2 cup of broccoli and pining for a crust of pizza. I was WILLING to eat what was on the list for Wednesday dinner, but knew two things about myself:

1. If I deprive myself now, I will WANT MORE LATER. MUCH MORE.

2. If I don’t learn how to eat in social situations, I will become a hermit with 27 cats and never leave the house again. No one wants this. :)

AM said to stay on plan, I should eat the thinnest crust possible, and eat 3 times the salad as I do pizza.

So I did exactly that. We had Lou Malnotti’s Pizza, and I chose the super thin crust cheese version (3 small squares of a medium pizza, no “end” pieces), a large salad with carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, red peppers and about 2 tables spoons of low fat honey Dijon dressing, and for dessert (though there were fruit tarts, homemade cookies and ice cream treats) had about a cup of cut up fruit. NO SODA. WATER.I also had a Chobani Yogurt for a snack later.

And I was satisfied.

We watched “Away We Go” with John Krasinski and then turned over to the State of the Union. It was wonderful to watch the SOTU with such amazing and intelligent women. I got SO much more out of it than I normally do. I also utilized the iPhone to look up “Pay As You Go” and other new (to me) concepts. I love to learn!!

Weigh-in is Saturday, and I actually have to go in a bit early as I have a baby shower in Glencoe at my normal weigh-in time. My goal this week is 4lbs. I know that is a bit low, but I have to remember that the first week of any weight-loss/healthy eating venture is usually the most weight in a week people lose. I am trying to reign in my expectations– that way, if I lose 5lbs, I will be pleasantly surprised.

I can’t remember if I wrote my goal for this month down here yet. My goal is 20lbs in 30 days. I have 12lbs to go with just 2 weeks left. I hope I can make it, but if I don’t I know any amount of weight I have lost will be a win in my book! :)

Off to eat lunch!

AJ Weighed in today….




I was so freaked out the past 2 days as I was SURE I was only going to lose like 2lbs (or GASP stay the same or GAIN) after staying exactly on plan. I promise you don’t want to see my texts or hear the crazy conversations I have had with friends the past 2 days. Really.

Thank you to my online and IRL friends for all your/their support of this sometimes-neurotic “loser”!

Most of the people at the weigh-in said that they weigh themselves everyday so they knew what the damage would be. I had resigned from the beginning to NOT weigh-in daily– I fluctuate so much, I would disappoint myself and end up eating a pound of french fries for going up 0.8 lbs.

My 8lb loss proves that I have been on plan, walking 2 hours each day (other than last Saturday) and staying upbeat and positive.

My 8lb loss proves that ANYONE can eat properly and lose weight.

My 8lb loss proves that I CAN DO THIS for 3 more weeks.

Tonight I had grilled chicken breast, wilted spinach with garlic and about a 1/4 of red pepper* for dinner. It was filling and fantastic- and did I mention, fully homemade? :) My snack after working out (2 hours walking, thank you very much) was a medium banana and a small handful of walnuts. We are supposed to have our “snacks” in the morning, but if I don’t hold my banana until night (when I do my bulk of working out) I am STARVING by 10:30pm. I am doing what works for me but still keeping the calories at 1200.

Onward and upward (which for tonight means going to B-E-D!)

*Red pepper was not part of the plan, but I added it as the pepper was going to go bad, and, actually, as a treat for losing 8lbs. Who knew that red pepper would be used by me as a treat?? :)

Naked Fitness New Year Challenge- Update #2

Today is Day 6–VERY close to the end of the first week. Only tomorrow to go before I weigh in on Saturday afternoon.

If I am going to be 100 percent truthful–and I am– it was tough to be good.

REALLY tough.

But I REALLY did it.

Today was kind of a mixed up day. Usually I am walking at night to catch up for the day of walking that I missed due to being busy. Well, this morning I decided I was going to buck up, get up early and walk.

So I did.

I got 1 hour and 10 minutes in this morning.Before 11am. Yes I did.


Then I went to lunch with a former colleague hung out with a former colleague at my old office eating the lunch I packed for myself and after carefully crafted a cover letter for a job I am applying for (that, by the way, I am VERY excited about. Fingers crossed). This included 20 minutes of walking as I used the CTA. :-)

My friend N then picked me up in the rain to go to a 4:10pm showing of Leap Year*. Two things wrong with this:

  • Guess who forgot her daily snack at home?

I ordered an unsweetened ice tea and a large water. First time that I can remember that I watched a movie in a theater with no popcorn.

N ordered Nachos**.

Throughout the movie, the hunger thunder coming from my tummy was alarming. Thank goodness we were the only people in the theater***.I actually had a hard time following the movie a few times. I also had a hard time coming up with the right word for things my mind was so foggy. I was losing it a bit.

I was SO HUNGRY- more hungry that I had been in a long time. The meals I have been eating -while small(er than I am used to but what I should be eating)- have been filling. I have been eating around every 3 hours and have not had to really worry about a rumbly tumbly.

Today was different. I was weak and crabby.

After the movie, we were headed to Target to pick up a few things and I persuaded N to stop at Whole Foods so I could pick up a snack — Chobani Greek Yogurt.

I was supposed to have it in the morning, and I didn’t. Though it was about 6pm and I should have been eating dinner, I knew we would be atleast another 2 hours before getting home and I WAS NOT GOING TO EAT CRAP FOR DINNER.

So I got a Chobani cup, a spoon, and a handful of walnuts from the bulk area, and about 5 minutes after eating I could function like a human again. I could think again!Thank you 14 grams of protein!

When we got home from Target, I immediately threw a 6oz fillet Mignon on the grill along with 2 chicken breasts for tomorrow. Broccoli and asparagus (1/2 cup each) went in the microwave to steam and 15 minutes later I had a wonderful ON MEAL PLAN dinner.

It was tasty, fantastic and hit the spot.

I am not sure what I will be eating next week– the meal plan is a tiny bit late due to Andrea’s schedule, but I hope to see it tomorrow (especially since I am kinda tired of what we have been eating this week and hope we get to incorporate a few more complex carbs this week – like sweet potatoes.)

So other than today, I have been “good” and stayed on plan. I have walked 2 hours or more 5 of the 6 days.

Do I feel any different yet? Not really, other than the blisters on my feet. :-)

I am trying to mitigate my weigh in on Saturday. I am VERY WORRIED that I will either stay the same or lose a very small amount of weight this first week and be discouraged. The way I keep myself from getting my hopes up is to not think about the excitement I will have if I lose 10 lbs. I reign myself in an HOPE AMONG HOPE that I lose 2lbs.

That way, when I lose 5lbs, I am not disappointed.

I am concerned that I treat myself this way and won’t let myself get excited until I know the final outcome. But I know where it comes from:  I have had quite a few hard life lessons that have taught me to be overly cautious when it comes to “dreams” coming true.  I am trying to figure out a compromise in my head– any ideas please let me know.

Onward and upward- I still have 30 minutes left to walk today– I need to get crackin!


*Movie was Meh. Typical ro-com with a predictable ending. Better to wait for the rental.

**I told her to order whatever she wanted after she protested. Why does she have to feel deprived?

***4:10pm, ro-com, and see asterisk #1.

AJ owes an update :)

Today is day 5 of my 30 day naked fitness challenge — and I am still on track!

While it might not seem like a big feat to still be 100 percent on “it”-  this is a BIIIIIG deal for me.

I am an instant gratification kind of girl — if I don’t lose like 30lbs in the first 3 days of a diet (or if I am not fully satisfied) I will go down in flames –carrying a large french fry with me.

Here is my week so far – in bullets:

  • Saturday – long and filled with driving round trip 3 hours each way to get to the first weigh-in for the Naked fitness challenge. Started the meals that day, but was not able to get the workout in.  Was visiting my grandparents in Iowa and it was very hectic having to drive so much. But I did it.
  • Sunday – Sat and watched my mom and grandma while they ate at Village Inn (like an IHOP) and I had hot water with lemon. Thought I would feel deprived and pissed that they were eating a Denver Omelet and chicken fried steak (and PANCAKES!!!) without me but since I had had breakfast and snack already at home, I was actually OK. I didn’t want to make them suffer since I was eating different foods. Also, if I would have been hungry, I would have eaten something protein-filled. But I wasn’t. So I didn’t. (That concept is VERY different for me). Walked 40 minutes at the fitness center where my grandma belongs, then 1 hr, 22 minutes during the Golden Globe commercials. Go me! Tried to choke down “polenta chili” from the menu but ended up eating a green salad with chicken. More about the chili later.
  • Monday – Busy day again driving back from Iowa, but I got all the correct food in. I also spent 1 hour on the treadmill and 1 hour on the stationary bike (because my feet were hurting). Missed seeing 2 hours of my mom, but it was worth it to get the workout in. The pipes backed up in the building at 7:30 pm,  and we had to wait 3 hours for the plumber to come help. Nasty water overflowed the sinks in my roommates bathroom; since she was not home, my mom and I cleared out her soaked stuff from under the sink. Nasty. 3 other units also got soaked. All is well now though.
  • Tuesday – My mom went home. :( First day to be tempted with “outside food”. Instead of an “IHOP” breakfast, I insisted on a small breakfast place close by that uses organic ingredients, cooks with Pam not oil, and is OK with picky orders. I was supposed to have 3 eggs scrambled, 1/4 cup red peppers and asparagus for breakfast. AND I DID! I also had about a 1/4 a cup melon that was not on the plan for the day. I came home after dropping my mom off at the airport (and helping her get to the gate OK- she has a really bad knee) and napped- I was TIRED! Woke up to a text reminding me of a happy hour I was supposed to be at – I slept that long! I threw on some clothes, PACKED MY DINNER (yes I did!) and made it just in time. But I found out I couldn’t eat “my” in the restaurant. No prob. I ordered a small side of lettuce mix, a NO OIL NO SALT NO BUTTER chicken breast and iced tea with lemon. I added my “from home” 1/4 cup red pepper and my ‘from home” low cal salad dressing. SO PROUD OF ME!!!! I came home (late, mind you) and walked 1 hr 40 minutes while watching Biggest Loser. (20 minutes was already done at the airport and at Target).

The rest of the week is UP TO ME to complete to the best of my ability. My plan for the day is to get 1 hour of workout in before noon and 1 hour in during prime time TV tonight. I am already on track for eating today (breakfast down!) and my lunch is about 3 minutes of me pulling a few things together. :)

Onward and upward!!

PS: Darn iPhone– this is actually the first time on over a week that I have been on an actual computer. I have alot of catching up to do!!