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I weighed in…

And I was up 2.4. OUCH.

2.4 lbs in 2 weeks.

Well, I know why and I have already changed my ways IMMEDIATELY.

I tracked my breakfast and walked to and from the meeting. got in almost 2 miles already.

My mom arrives from California Thursday — I graduate from grad school on Saturday at 10am.



Becuase I have to be at school at 8am that morning, I won’t be able to weigh in that day. BUT I am going to try to find a meeting for Friday night.

My mom is a trigger for me- We are LAZY when we are together so I tend to just order food and lay around. My goal this week is to find time to do 30 min of activity with or without her. She has a bum knee, so she probably won’t join me on a walk, but she might do arm curls with me! I shall try. :)

OK, I have 400 things to do around the house to get ready for next weekend, including lesson planning (my kids are writing a play about the butterfly life cycle and I have to “help” them plan it), grad school work*, and normal house stuff.

PS: Can you keep a little secret, interwebs? I GOT A J-O-B!! I will be teaching first grade next year at a school on the south side of Chi-town. I am GIDDY.


*homework, you say? But I thought you were graduating on Saturday. I AM, kinda. I am graduating from my teacher residency on Saturday. I am actually finished with grad school on June 17th (ceremony, which I am skipping, is on June 25th). I will have my diploma from the residency program on Saturday. My Grad program diploma will come in the mail in like 6 weeks. Since my residency program graduates with 70 ppl, I know it will be more intimate and much more of a family affair than my “hundreds of people in a theater” MAT graduation.


Prior Fat Girl/The Anti-Jared’s 60 Min Challenge – I DID IT!

*Note: I TOTALLY forgot to take a picture!!! :-(

I ended up doing 20 minutes walking 3 times today for a total of 60 minutes – 20 minute walk on my way to/from babysitting (I parked about 15 blocks away- go me!), 20 minutes walk/jog for Girls on the Run (my volunteer gig) and 20 minutes walking in place while watching TBL tonight (I BAWLED at that snow tonight, guys– BAWLED!)

I never got super sweaty, so I forgot to take a photo. But I DID IT!!

How did you do??

For information on the challenge, see priorfatgirl (Can’t link to her site tonight, it is down I think…) and theantijarod

Fitbloggin Giveaway #1

Are you ready for a week of giveaways?!?!?!?

Up first is a really cool workout video set. I was able to meet the star in the video, Jessica Smith, at Fitbloggin. She is down to earth, really sweet, and will kick your body if you want her too! :-)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         10 Minute Solution’s KNOCKOUT BODY is one of the easiest way to get around the problem of time when it comes to working out. This kit includes a full-length DVD featuring 5 different 10 minute workouts and a pair of weighted gloves. Let me tell you, the “Fat Attack” 10 minute workout will kick your butt—it is my favorite! The workout s are great when you have just a few minutes to sweat– and sweat you will do. I was lucky enough to snag a copy of this workout to give to YOU!

3 ways to enter (up to 3 total entries per person):

1. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite workout song/artist.

2. Tweet this “Win it! Visit to win a copy of 10 Minute Solution’s Knockout Body! ” then come back and leave a seperate comment telling me your twitter name.

3. Write about this giveaway on your blog– come back and leave a comment here with the URL.

Comments close on Friday at 5pm. Winner will be chosen with on Saturday.


Disclaimer: I received the video I am giving away at Fitbloggin 10. I was asked to review the product, but was asking to give my honest review of the product- good or bad. I have not received any compensation (other than a copy of the video).

AJ Loves Bootcamp- 12 Days of Holiday Shred – Day 3*






I woke up this morning feeling pretty good actually- and then I decided to take the stairs (I live on the 2nd floor) 500 times as I was running errands all day.

Not a good idea.

Up is slow, but fine.

Down is bloody murder. I actually took the elevator once just to avoid going down the stairs.

When I got to class tonight, I was happy to see almost all the other people from class also with quad pain.

We did alot on the bag again tonight, and used these straps that were hooked to the wall to do pushups and reverse crunches. WOW. I could do the reverse crunches OK, but the pushups were almost to hard to do. I could barely stay in a plank position!

We ended with partner stretches. I was drenched and stinky– I felt bad for my partner.

I came home, took a nice warm shower and climbed into my jammies. I had a #WWGE dinner of leftover pork, broccoli and brown rice and 2 tiny oranges for dessert. Oh, and lots of water.

The trainer tonight told me to take 3 Motrin before I go to bed, along with a ton of water to help the leg pain. I have a feeling that the Mortin will help take care of a few other aches and pains too… :-)

I am proud of myself for today. I got alot of things accomplished that have been on my to-do list (partially because the cats had me up at 5:45am this morning). By 3 I was beat and got a good 1 1/2 long nap in.

I love naps.

Anyway, I am going to curl up in a chair and read a good book. We DO have bootcamp tomorrow night, so I am going to go ahead with my plan of hanging IN tomorrow night – me, popcorn, a diet coke (first one in 4 days! Go me!) and movies that I have been wanting to see. We have an awesome movie viewing room in the condo building so I am excited to check it out.

PLEASE be safe tomorrow night what ever you do!


* With my legs this sore, I swore today was day 5 of the class. But alas, only day 3. :-)

AJ Loves Bootcamp – 12 Days of Holiday Shred Day 1

It’s on.

Today I began what is called the “12 Days of Holiday Shred” – it is another bootcamp, but this time, it is 12 days in a row, Monday through Saturday (Sunday’s off) for 2 weeks. Thankfully, the class is at 6pm instead of 6am.

Day 1 was good, I didn’t throw up like last time, so that was good (lol). There were about 35 people in class, which is alot, but we got out workouts done. I am good sore tonight.

We shall see how I feel tomorrow night ;-)

What did you do active today?