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Colder than…

I wish I was one of those cool people who could wax nostalgic about all those times they walked uphill both ways in the snow with no shoes to school/work. It would be a great story to tell my kids someday.

I am not one of those people -especially today.

When I woke up this morning, it was -18. AIR TEMP. That meant the wind chill was a balmy -31. There was no way in hell I was going to go wait at the bus stop hoping for a bus to pick me up before I became an AJcicle.

So I worked from home in my PJ’s for the 2nd day in a row.

I get so much done when I am home working – unless the 26lb fluffy cat is wanting his head rubbed or wants to "type" at the same time I am. Then, not so much gets done.

In other news, I am starting a Bridal Bootcamp (BB) very very soon (next week). I am one of those people that can’t be part of a gym unless I literally pass it on my way to or from work.. if it is even 1 block off the beaten path, forget it.  Well, this BB is across the street from my office so I have no reason not to get my big butt over there 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

They promise a one size clothing loss in one month if I go all 12 sessions or my money back. Aaand it is only 135 bucks. That is CHEAP for Chicago.

To keep me honest, I am going to be posting 3x’s a week how I am doing- sore, bitching, happy, sad, can’t walk, can’t sit? So what. I will post. Even if I can only move my fingers enough to write a blog title. I will still post. :-) Before I start, I am sure we will take measurements.

I am super scared of the measurements. I know they will be big, and I am afraid of the numbers.

I just have to remember that I will have smaller numbers in 4 weeks. :-)

My new super secret public job is going well, though I am stressed to the max trying to get everything done on time. I downloaded a few meditation workouts from this morning and hope it will help with the heart palpitations and "panic-attacky" symptoms I have been having since last week.

You see, last week I was in Atlanta at HQ learning that the (insert what I do now here) that we had planned to push off for a few months due to the economy being back just may instead be back on track to get out in April. Well, that meant that I am now 2 months behind. And 2 months behind is not good. Not good at all.

Oh, and the kicker of the whole thing? Is that they don’t know if (job I do now) is set in the new (original) date. Won’t know until next week. That would put me 3 months behind.

So I have moved forward with what I need to do on the assumption that we WILL be getting everything out in April. Though my stress level has been HORRIBLE and my salt intake – also bad.

No wonder I thought I was having a heart attack last Friday night.

I have been getting lots of whole wheat and have been eating lots of veggies, but the exercise (not even walking) has not been happening and my pants are getting a bit tight.


I went to WW early last week before my trip but didn’t make it this week (chalk it up to the FREAKING FREEZING WEATHER and the fact that I have been holed up in my apt for 2 days straight.) 

No, that is an excuse. I could have gone to WW meeting if I would have thought I was going to lose some weight, but I knew I was going to gain.

Anyway, I am rambling and need to get my dinner dishes cleaned up. Will be back soon to talk all about the BB!


What the hell happened to

Sorry guys. I am obviously not the computer genius I make myself out to be… I tried to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress (2.7) late last week and yeah… EPIC FAIL. Obviously. I have been super busy with work and 5 year-old-twin boy’s birthday party that I was not able to sit down and work on fixing my EPIC mistake until tonight. I figured I had f’ed it up big time and that it would take HOURS to fix. Well, because of Slackermama and her AMAZING posts about Wordpress, I had it totally fixed in ONE CLICK. Yes, you heard it right folks, ONE CLICK. And I will be eternally grateful for her. Like name my first born child Slackermama.

So I am back!!! WHOO HOO!! I have been having major withdrawal (though I haven’t been posting lately…) why is it that you always want what you can’t have?

My life has been hella crazy busy… I have been:

  • working
  • holiday shopping
  • attending a twin birthday party
  •  cleaning up cat poop on the kitchen floor
  • NOT working out (bad)
  • going to WW meetings and learning about the new momentum plan (AJ Likes)
  • only gaining .8  in 8 weeks of NOT going to WW meetings
  • madly wrapping holiday gifts
  • madly making and wrapping work holiday gifts
  • getting, putting together and using the new Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum (love it!!!!!)
  • learning how to correctly spell vacuum (I always spell it VacCUm)
  • taking pictures of my FIRST.GIVEAWAY.EVER!!!!!!!!!! (more on that very soon)
  • playing Guitar Hero until 2am a couple nights because I can’t put the friggin guitar down
  • and finally, watching WAAAAAAY too much TV.

I will post the contest soon (like tonight). I am VERY EXCITED to be giving something away on my site!!!



PS: DId I mention that it is FREAKING COLD AS IT CAN BE HERE???

A Shout Out and my new fun group

Not only do I want to give a shout out to my new online/through the mail Sexy Exy Book Club leader Britt at FluentBrittish, but she gave me a shout out here! I am slightly famous! :-)

Britt has been doing this cool book exchange for a bit, and I found out about it at Clarrisa’s blog. I thought it would be cool to share my current favorite book/writer, Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. I was a bit apprehensive about one of the”rules” : we were to annotate the book as we read, and after it makes the rounds, we will have 4-5 different views on the book written in different colors. After I started writing though, I realized how much fun it was to add my comments as I read (I added a TON of LOL’s and ROTFLMAO’s) I my next book sometime next week and I am excited to start reading – I have decided since I have a month to finish it before passing it on, I am going to use my time ON THE TREADMILL (since it is SO DAMN FRICKING COLD HERE) and I challenge myself to ONLY read the new book on the treadmill – since I have a deadline, it will FORCE me to get my saggy butt working out. A win-win for everyone, right?!? :-)

By the way, totally random but anyone have any idea how to cut a mango? I bought two today at the grocery store and I am clueless. Thanks for any help you can give me! 


I am home from work as my boss called everyone this morning and said the weather outlook is too scary for us all to head in to the office. I love snow days. My grandma calls snow days “bonus days” — when my mom and her siblings were young and they got a weather day off from school my g-ma always got “bonus” cleaning out of them – the house always sparkled when she got home from work. :-) My mom, the oldest girl, hated snow days… :-)

 I will probably call this day a bonus day too– the litterbox, laundry and dishes are all starting to pile up and I need to scrub the kitchen floors.

Snow. Storms. Suck.

Yeah, so I got stuck driving home from the burbs tonight in a sucky sucky snowstorm.

A 6 inches of wet snowball material snow in 5 hours snowstorm.

A NO FREAKING PLOWS on the Interstate snowstorm.

A couldn’t see 5 feet in front of my car snowstorm.

An I had to pee the whole time snowstorm.

A took 29 minutes to get there sans-snow and 1hour and 50 minutes to get home snowstorm.

An I missed the end of the Superbowl snowstorm.

I about had a heart attack while other DUMB ASS DRIVERS felt their XXXL SUV’s were accident-proof so they drove 55MPH while the rest of us drove s l o w l y at 35(tops) so we would not spin wildly out of control and hit some one else. I hate those type of people. They really suck.

My head hurts.

I am off to B.E.D.