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I'm with Mel!

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Another Short Post- I'm ti-red!

I went with a friend to see a sneak preview of the new movie “Pirate Radio” tonight- if you love to laugh, hear great rock music from the late 60′s and enjoy a good story line, go see it!

For meals, here they are:

  • No breakfast (again) woke up at 11! I really needed the sleep I guess.
  • Lunch:cottage cheese, Fruit 2Day, water, pretzel crisps, LC cheese (wasn’t very hungry)
  • Dinner: Ate at a local stir fry place, lots of veggies, chicken breast, brown rice, ice tea.

I am BEAT and I have to got to a job fair tomorrow morning at 9am- I need to be upbeat, happy, nice and, most importantly, AWAKE!

To bed I go!

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