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Lose my Body Issues

credit given to and author above.

credit given to and author above.

Today is National Love Your Body Day.

And I’ve been exposed.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been loving my body lately.

Through lazyness and stress from moving across the country, I have gained 25lbs in 6 months. I have been b*tching and moaning lately that I am Faaaaaaaattttt and huuuuuuuuuge and that I should be shopping at “Cedar Rapids Tent and Awning” for clothing… and I realized…

I have to stop bad mouthing myself.

I don’t have cancer.

I didn’t recently lose a family member.

I am loved by my family and my friends.

Though I am unemployed as of next Friday, I have skills and savings. I will make it through this.

I would NEVER say the things I have been saying to myself to someone else. So why do I say them?

So today, I am doing something I NEVER thought I would do. I am following in the footsteps of Roni and Mary –all started by this amazing lady here.

I am posting a photo of my body. The body that I am learning to love. And maybe I will learn to love myself during this process.

Since I am camera-less this less than perfect photo is from my cell phone. I would have liked to get more of my legs and less of my “girls’ but I am just gonna have to use what I have. :-)

PIC-0205 copy

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