Anyone have any good non-chemical spider remedy? I have found 6 BIG OL’ SPIDERS (EW EW EW) in various places in my house the past few days. Any good home remedies? I really hate spiders and they are big’ins too – the bodies are about the size of popcorn seeds and they are icky. ICK ICK ICK. Oh, I hate spiders. Ayway, anything you can think of to keep them out of my house will help.

BTW, my “warrior” cat is no help. He either runs the other way from them, or looks at me like “kill it mom, the ‘pider is bothering me”. Darn cat, what else are they for than to kill spiders and mice? :-) You would think my hefty cat would want a snack….

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  1. swizzlepop:

    I have yet to find something that really works so I just sick the vacuum on them. They have those “Bug Zapper” thingies where you suck them up but it doesn’t harm them, althoug you need to take them outsied and set them free or something. As far as I am concerned, once they have entered my house uninvited I just have the vacuum ask them to leave LOL. Good luck, I hate them too!

  2. dizzydazey:

    I hate spiders, too. My best non chemical spider treatment? My hubby. I shreak. He comes running. Spider gone. My hero. :o )

    Good Luck getting rid of those icky nasty little boogers!

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