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Earth to Salty foods (binge is still on my brain)

I made time to go for a 25 minute walk after lunch today to clear my head. I think it helped. I have just been so tired and crabby lately. Grouch central. On the topic of Mr. More, I called the vet this morning but he has not yet gotten the test results. He did say Mister’s blood sugar has been high the past few weeks (he got that test back as they do that one in the office) and that I need to test more often.  I realized what the binge is from- TOM is fast approaching. I take BC bills for massive horrible TOM migraines, and I am in the “green ones” starting today. No wonder I was having a “I could eat anything” week last week. With the stress ontop of it – forget it.

July 2, 2007 – Points goal 26
Slim fast 3
corn 1 cup 2
1 Purdue breaded baked chicken breast 4
water 0
carrots 0
cheese 2
tomato sauce 1
red peppers 0
pretzels 3
WW SO 3 cheese Ziti pasta 6
popcorn full fat 5
Total Points for Day 26
Day 7 of week-Flex points remaining: 0
Daily Activity-41 min areaobic walk (7600 steps total)

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  • Calyn

    I feel for ya about the TOM thing…just got over it!!! The week before is always the worst. I could eat a horse! Wonder how many pts that would be? LOL Hang in there and hope you get Mr. More’s results too. :) Curious, what kind of food do you feed him?

  • Hang in there!! I am in the same boat with TOM. The day before (for me was Saturday) I was a bottomless pit! I hope you get good results soon!

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