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You can’t stop the binge…

The binge continues… The vet called this moring but I missed his call, and when I called back, he was in surgery. I hate waiting. No news is good news, I guess, since he did not feel it was urgent enough to call me back today. I will try him Monday morning before work. I am STILL night binging… Actually, I am in the middle of a binge right now. Microwave popcorn is calling me from the kitchen…. AND I ate it. Along with a se tof cheese fries. I still am within my points, thank god, but this is getting out of hand. Fast. I need to go for a swim, a walk, something and get some activity points to help. Ack Ack Ack!

June 30, 2007 – Points goal 26
Slim Fast 3
2 Ry Krisp 1
LC Cheese 1
smart ones Fet Alfrado with broccoli 6
Peach 1
Purdue breaded baked chicken breast 3
tomato sauce 0
full fat microwave popcorn 5
strawberries 1
cheese 2
strawberry yogurt 3
popcorn (again) 5
cheese fries (homemade atleast) 5
Total Points for Day 36
Day 5 of week-Flex points remaining: 0.5
Daily Activity-3000 steps

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  • Sorry to hear you missed the vet’s call. And I understand about stress eating. When I was waiting for my test results, I did not do so well. What I find helps at night when I do not want to eat anything more, I chew strong mint gum, drink mint tea or brush my teeth. Nothing tastes good when you have that minty taste in your mouth! HTH Hope you get the results soon and that they are good news :)

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